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Chain Boat Patrol Citations Down in 2016

The Waupaca County Sheriff's Office Water Patrol provides boating law enforcement on Waupaca County’s rivers, lakes and streams.  On the Chain O Lakes, scheduled patrol began on Memorial Day Weekend and continued through Labor Day Weekend. 

Waupaca County Sheriff’s Water Patrol Sergeant Bryan Stelzner shared some of this year’s numbers specific to the Chain O Lakes for the summer of 2016.

A total of 589.5 water patrol hours were logged resulting in 34 citations, 88 written and 337 verbal warnings.  Three Operating While Intoxicated citations were performed.  Stelzner says these numbers were all down from previous years, perhaps suggesting that their presence is making a difference with boater behavior on the Chain.


The most numerous call-in complaints were skiing after hours and boats pulling tubers in slow no wake zones.  The most common reason for pulling over boaters were speed in slow no wake zones, after hours skiing and tubing, and unreadable registration decals or numbers.

Special patrols were done for the Long Lake party, July 3rd fireworks and Chain Skiers water ski shows.

Sergeant Stelzner would also like to mention that people using paddleboards and kayaks are required to have a personal flotation device the same as any boat. They seem to encounter many who do not know this requirement.

The Sheriff’s Office Water Patrol Officers utilize four boats used for carrying out their duties.  The whole program is subsidized in part by the Department of Natural Resources along with Waupaca County and corresponding townships. The two Chain O Lakes boats owned by the Townships of Dayton and Farmington are Crestliners, including a new one this past summer to replace the aged Alumacraft boat.  They were also provided a personal watercraft from Yamaha and Green Lake Powersports for patrol use on the chain, wolf river and other lakes throughout the county. These crafts are also outfitted with lifesaving and emergency medical equipment.

Water Patrol Officers are responsible for patrol, enforcement, emergency response, assisting boaters in need, accident investigation and assisting in search and rescue on the Wolf River; Chain O Lakes and all other lakes (126 total) covering almost 6,500 acres as well as all other rivers and streams within Waupaca County.  They also assist neighboring counties when needed during emergencies.

War on Water

From Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:   Plainfield, WI — Many crops in this vast, sandy swath of the state would shrivel without water from thousands of high-capacity wells.

So would a multibillion-dollar industry that produces fresh potatoes, cans of green beans and bags of Doritos.

“Basically, you’d have range land,” said Ken Williams, a University of Wisconsin Extension agriculture agent in Waushara County. “It would look more or less like something you’d see out West.”

But in a state with an abundance of water, there are growing concerns about the ecological effects of irrigation and the exponential growth of large wells.

Read the whole story here: JS Online – War over water in the land of plenty [2509 more words]


Storm Hits Waupaca Chain

Becker Marine's sign had seen better days before the storm blew through on the evening of Tuesday, September 6th.  The storm whipped through the Waupaca Chain O' Lakes area around 5:30pm with torrential rain and heavy winds.  The result- many downed trees and branches, hundreds of residents without power and a new sign surely on its for Bruce.  But, Jeff at the Wheel House did real well, as those Chainers with no power poured in to fill up.


Rainbow Lake Cottage Sells on Rainbow Lake – Waupaca Chain

This 857 Sq Ft seasonal cottage, on Rainbow Drive – Rainbow lake on the Waupaca Chain – with two bedrooms and one full bath, listed in April of this year, sold recently.

It was listed for $449,000 and had a tax assessed fair market value of $333,200 at the time of the sale.

The property has 66 feet of firm lake bottom frontage.

For a complete list of all Waupaca area waterfront homes for sale and that have sold – with selling prices please visit www.WaupacaWaterfront.com

Waupaca Chain O Lakes Ben Rainbow 650

Wheel House Owner Responds to Waupaca Chain Parking Lots Issues

Jeff Maiman wants to set the record straight.

The owner of the Wheelhouse Restaurant on the Chain O’ Lakes believes if his offsite parking lot is breaking the law, then so are other offsite lots throughout Waupaca County. While Maiman did not want to discuss other businesses with offsite parking, a brief survey by the Waupaca County Post found several offsite commercial lots. Parking for Camp Onoway is located across Rainbow Lake from the island, while parking for the Iola Car Show is spread throughout the area to accommodate the tens of thousands of visitors.

“You tell me how I’m breaking the law and they’re not,” Maiman said. Maiman reiterated the arguments presented in his federal suit against Waupaca County. For the complete story – Visit the Waupaca County Post

Waupaca Chain of Lakes Wheel house off site parking

2016 Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes Year to Date Real Estate Sales Report

Waupaca Chain Property Sales Very Strong in 2016

21 Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes properties have either sold or are now under contract “year to date” in 2016.

Waupaca Chain Sales Report Graph at 21 YTD 650During all of 2015 there were 21 properties sold on the Chain so, 2016 will obviously turn out to be a great year for Chain sellers and waterfront buyers looking to own Chain property.

2014 was the recorder breaker when 31 properties sold on the Waupaca Chain.

Back in the recession years 6 to 10 properties were selling on the Chain compared to 15 sales in 2007, the year just before the recession took hold.

The real estate recession on the Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes ended in 2012 when 24 properties sold compared to only 8 the previous year.

This year, higher end Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes properties are selling well with 6 sales so far this year – over $600,000.

For a complete list of all Chain properties for sale and that have sold, along with each property’s selling price please go to www.WaupacaWaterfront.com

Large Home Sells Quickly on Rainbow Lake

This 5,3000 Sq Ft home on Rainbow Lake – Waupaca Chain just closed after having been listed on and off for about 10 months.

The property was listed for $1,350,000 at the time of the sale and had a tax assessment of $586,900.

The home has 5,300 Sq Ft of living space with 5 bedrooms, 4 full baths and 67 feet of sand bottom frontage.

For a complete list of all the homes for sale on the Waupaca Chain and for a list of the selling price of all transactions on the Chain please go to:


Rainbow undercontract 7-16 600

Another Rainbow Lake Property Sells

This Waupaca Chain O' Lakes,  Rainbow Lake 2,400 Sq Ft, 5 bedroom 2 1/2 bath home has closed after being on the market for about one year.

The property has 70 feet of water frontage with nice sand lake bottom.

The most recent listing for the property was $545,000.  It sold back in 2014 for $440,000.

For a complete list of all Waupaca Chain properties for sale and that have sold, with selling prices please visit www.WaupacaWaterfront.com

Norris Lane GIS

Dog Park Planned Near the Waupaca Chain

Plans are underway to create a dog exercise area on a 28-acre parcel in the town of Farmington.

The off-leash park is being called Tails to Trails for now and is going to be built at E1580 County Trunk Q. The property is near the corner of County Q and County Trunk QQ.

Waupaca Chain Dog Park Picture

“In addition to being an off-leash dog park, it will also be an instructive, environmental education area. It’s for people as much as it is for dogs,” said Christine Faulks. She is president of ToTo Foundation Inc, a local nonprofit dedicated to promoting wellness through people and pets.

Her husband, Bob, is the construction project manager.

A private party recently purchased the property in Farmington and is in the process of selling it to the foundation.  To read the full article, please visit Waupaca County Post at www.WaupacaNow.com

The Dog Park project is moving along.  This cornfield will be the future site of Tails to Trails.



Recreational Lakes Real Estate Information including the Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes

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Buying or Selling Waterfront Property has lots of Very “Unique Twists and Turns.”

Sounds a bit cliché doesn’t it?  But, we track and analyze every waterfront listing for sale and closed transaction, so we know that buying or selling waterfront real estate is truly a unique and most times, complex transaction!

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Whether you are a buyer or a seller of waterfront property, it is very important that you understand all the nuances and have a complete understanding of how waterfront property is valued and what the local sales trends are today.


Waupaca Chain Sales Report Graph at 21 YTD 650


Recently, a very nice piece of vacant land, with perfect sand lake bottom, sold for $370,000 after being listed for $679,000 just 18 months earlier.  Back in 2012, this same parcel of land sold for $610,000.  Why did it recently sell for such a low price?

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Last year, a very nice waterfront property was listed for sale on the Waupaca Chain O' Lakes in the mid $600,000 range.  It sold immediately.  Was it underpriced?  Another property went under contract very recently for in the mid to upper $900,000 range but, was originally listed for close to a million and a half dollars.  Did it sell for a fair price – why or why not?

We analyze all area waterfront transactions – so you do not have to, and as a result, have informed opinions backed up by analytic research.  The answers to the above three questions are relatively long so, if you are a waterfront buyer or seller please contact me for some hopefully valuable thoughts.

Here is a small portion of what is again, hopefully valuable, analysis.  If you would like more complete information and analysis, please go to LINK to get all of our valuable waterfront transaction information.

So, if you are a waterfront buyer, how do you know what the fair price is for a waterfront property?  Or, if you are a waterfront property seller how do you know what your property is really worth and what the original listing price should be? 

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closingabove450k-chartAgain, we track and analyze all waterfront properties for sale and that have sold so our clients have the most up to date and detailed information possible, when making a decision to buy or sell.

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Examples of why we say waterfront property transaction have lots of very “unique twists and turns”.

Recently a waterfront property seller interviewed several Realtors and chose Steve Huhta and Re/Max Lyons Real Estate to help her sell the property. 

When this seller bought the property, just a few years ago, their Realtor explained where he “thought” the lot lines were.  An astute potential buyer asked for a survey of my seller’s property and found that there had been a legal dispute and court case back in the 70’s resulting in the seller’s property having 10 less feet of frontage than the current and past owner thought.  In other words, this waterfront lot had significantly less water frontage and overall lot size than everyone, including the neighbor, had believed. Yes, even the neighbor did not know she had 10 more feet of water frontage!

We helped this seller get a good real estate attorney, who sorted out the details of this lot line situation.  In the end, the neighbor agreed to deed over the 10’ of frontage that both waterfront owners thought my seller owned and, the transaction closed.  Yes, this waterfront sale had a very “unique twist” or unique measurement before it got closed.

Waterfront property lot lines go way back, in many case, to the old “fishing shack” days when waterfront owners could build anything, anywhere they wanted.  Today, waterfront zoning rules make every foot of frontage and square foot of lot surface area very important.  One foot of water frontage on the Chain can be worth about $3,500 to $4,000, according to the township appraisers.

Lesson – always ask for a survey when buying waterfront property and if you are selling waterfront property and there has not been a recent survey, you may want to consider getting one to help prevent issues popping up once a buyer is found.

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The State of Wisconsin has passed some very sweeping waterfront zoning changes that have drastically affect what waterfront owners can do when building on a waterfront lot or when making improvements to an existing waterfront home.  So, it is very important to deal with an experienced waterfront Realtor and also, to check for yourself with the local zoning office if you are buying waterfront property and would like to make improvements.

Zoning rules can drastically affect the value of a waterfront property so again, be sure you use a well-informed waterfront Realtor and that you take the time to understand the State zoning rules as well as the local zoning rules when valuing waterfront property.

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